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Books and training to become a powerful speaker and respected leader

Books on Public Speaking

Read the dynamic book by Joe Yazbeck that started it all:

No Fear Speaking


In “No Fear Speaking” you’ll discover:

  • How to easily eliminate the fear of public speaking and feel confident in front of any group
  • Effective exercises to build your presentation and communication skills
  • The secrets great speech makers use to captivate audiences and create memorable presentations
  • The 8 biggest mistakes most beginning speakers make and how to avoid them
  • Why audiences prefer speakers who present themselves as real human beings vs. those that are slick and polished.
  • Valuable bonus materials via downloads

Whether you are speaking to influence large groups, presenting to win a sales contract from a small group, or on the public speaking circuit, you will find that “No Fear Speaking" offers a wide variety of innovative tools, tips and resources to help you become a confident and dynamic speaker.  Order a copy of “No Fear Speaking™” today and discover how easy and natural it can be to inspire and influence any audience!

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softcover & e-book


e-book only


e-book only


e-book only


e-book only


e-book only

Quick Reference Guides

A Reference Guide of “No Fear Speaking” charts and Illustrations in softcover spiral bound and e-book formats.

This reference guide is incredibly handy for speakers familiar with Joe's "No Fear Speaking" book who want to have all of his major speaking points with them on the podium, or when they are drilling their speeches in preparation for their appearance. It contains a complete collection of all the charts, tables, tips and illustrations compiled from the book “No Fear Speaking” in one simple to use reference guide. If you are looking to organize a speech and want summary illustrations for quick preparation, this is what you are looking for! An easy to search summary of all the key elements of presentation tools condensed together in one reference guide. The spiral binding ensures the book lays flat on your podium or desk (English version only).


softcover & e-book


e-book only


e-book only

Now Available:

Online Video Training Course

Based on the best-selling book. Have Joe Yazbeck instruct and coach you in effective public speaking by watching his video series in the privacy of your home or office.

More than just a collection of videos, it is an online course that includes instructions and exercises to develop your skills.

Based on the best-selling book, "No Fear Speaking" author, Joe Yazbeck has created a fully organized sequence of videos to provide you with proven techniques that have helped thousands of speakers around the world to succeed.

You’ll have all the needed tools, tips, illustrations and exercises to greatly increase your skill and ability. You’ll up your game as a speaker. You’ll be able to deliver presentations for any purpose or size audience. You’ll know what to do whether you have a live audience or are being featured in the media.


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